Victoria Francés was born in Valencia, a city where she took a course in Fine Art. A long stay in Galician land and several trips marked her future artistic and personal career.

FAVOLE, her first illustrated work, deals with different subject matters, from the romantic to the magic and ancient, influenced by the expressiveness in Pre-Raphaelite painting and the most legendary works in the Gothic genre. It was the comic book sensation in various competitions and it achieved great success in those countries where it was published.

In 2007, Victoria decided to give a new direction to her artistic career with ARLENE’S HEART, a work emerged from the influence of the Dollfie genre and where the author mixes dreams, social reality, and current events.

In 2009, the first volume of MISTY CIRCUS, entitled “Sasha, the little Pierrot” was presented at the Salon del Comic de Barcelona, an original collection of books, full of magic and naivety, about the decadent world of traveling circuses.

At the end of that same year, DARK SANCTUARY was also published: a new work in collaboration with the French group Dark Sanctuary, whose fusion between music and illustration reflects the touching beauty of shadows.

“The night of the witches” is the title of the second volume of MISTY CIRCUS and was published in 2010. The continuation of a story that will take us to a pagan witches’ Sabbath, beyond the ancient night of Samhain…

In 2011, came the publication of INTEGRAL FAVOLE, a compilation of the three volumes that form this work, together with unpublished sketches and exclusive illustrations.

At the end of the year 2012, OCEAN LAMENT  was published, an illustrated story that portray a listless, spectral mermaid as the main protagonist.

In October 2014, Victoria unveils her new project called MANDRAKMOORS, in collaboration with the South Korean Ball-Jointed Dolls company, CP/Fairyland. For this new project, the author set out to combine both the work of new character design related to the world of witchcraft and pagan traditions, with the subsequent creation of bjd dolls, in partnership with CP/FairyLand.

In early 2017, MATER LUNA is published, a very cared edition that combines the stories of the first two MandrakMoors characters, as well as the process of creating of the bjd dolls.

Victoria Francés is currently completing a new illustrated project, as well as working on individual pieces for travelling exhibitions.

*While working on her upcoming illustrated books, Victoria Francés was also busy creating individual licensed images for her merchandise, undertaking commissioned work and collaborating with other artists through various illustrations, standing out the illustration “Hekate” which was specially made for the album entitled “Luna” for the German Pagan Folk band, FAUN, and the full artwork for a new cd project entitled “Naked Harp” of the Pagan Folk band, OMNIA.