Victoria Francés (Valencia, 25 October 1982) is a graduate in Fine Arts at the Faculty of San Carlos of Valencia.

She started her career as an illustrator in 2004 with the Favole trilogy, published by Norma Editorial, and became immediately the comic book sensation in several conventions and it achieved great success in those countries where it was published.
She subsequently has published various illustrated books as Arlene’s Heart (Planeta DeAgostini), Dark Sanctuary (Astiberri Ediciones), Misty Circus, Ocean Lament and Mater Luna (Norma Editorial).
She currently continues working in her future illustrated books and combines her personal projects with the creation of assorted illustrations intended for merchandising, undertaking commissioned work and collaborating with several music groups designing full artworks to different albums.

Her style is strongly influenced by artistic movements as Romanticism, Symbolism and Pre-Raphaelitism; and most of her works deals with issues related to the Dark Fantasy, Witchcraft, Occultism and the Pagan Folklore.
Each one of her illustrations are characterized by the existing relationship between light and darkness, as well as by those misunderstood characters who fight against adversity in search of their own dreams. This concept is developed in her work through the nostalgia for times gone, the dreary beauty of the Victorian era, the original essence of the folk tales or those nebulous and decadent atmospheres which so much characterises the gothic literature of the 19th century.