Angel Wings

Victoria Francés
Norma Editorial
Format: Hardback
Size: 26 x 20
Pages: 64
Color: Color
ISBN: 978-84-679- 1058-2


“Once upon a time there was an orphan girl called Neve, who lived in a hut with the only company of her little cat Emma. They played together for years in a snowy paradise, where winter never ended and snowflakes devastated, day after day, the moors of the country of ice.”

“It is possible for a fairy tale to be more real than the things we can see and touch, for elves and spirits to truly exist, because any world we imagine can become real.
Therefore, what better homage to this way of thinking than producing something which originated in a fairy tale?”


Angel Wings, a small book that collects a series of sketches, illustrations and true photographs which immerse us in the production process of a spectacular dress in Victoria Frances’ purest style. She will show us the whole evolution of the design, from its first sketches in pencil to the final result.