Arlene’s Heart – Preface

Victoria Francés
Planeta DeAgostini
Format: Hardback
Size: 26 x 20
Pages: 64
Color: Color
ISBN: 978-84-679- 1058-2


Arlene is a young beggar who wears a white wig and who makes dolls in the loneliness of New York suburbs. But one day, a terrible illness in her left breast appears in its terminal stage, slowly spreading through her body until its puts an end to her life. The moment she closes her eyes forever, her body falls down a black hole full of stars and colored nebulas.

Before her, an idyllic world of ethereal shapes opens to the infinite, and in all that confusion and having lost her memories of her past, she realizes that her body is like that of a doll and that her heart is not beating under the pink scar across her left breast…

This little book by way of prologue with exclusive illustrations, gives an idea as to what Victoria Frances’ next work “Arlene’s Heart” will be.

Influenced by the aesthetics of Japanese dolls, Victoria Frances explores a new fantasy world, blending in her illustrations magic and melancholy with the social and chaotic reality that surrounds us nowadays.

Arlene’s Heart is a feeling in pursuit of hope, an allegory of the beautiful texture of the scars marking our bodies.