Arlene’s Heart

Victoria Francés
Planeta DeAgostini
80 pages
Format: 20 x 28 cm
Hardcover with dust jacket
ISBN: 978-84-674-5185-6


“Arlene, who had stopped breathing forever, opened her eyes again in a mysterious world where asphalt, cement and alleys had disappeared, blurring their shapes in flickering lights and colored nebulas.

And while her body seemed to float among the stars, she suddenly felt how she was falling inside a black hole, plunging into space. Puzzled, she held her white wig so she wouldn’t lose it on the way, while she observed, fascinated, every one of those strange lights filling the space.

But everything changed in a matter of seconds. Because, at the end of that tunnel, darkness gave way to a bright light that lit a strange world behind the stars, and the small lights, that had been shining everywhere, turned into butterflies of a thousand colors that fluttered unceasingly…”

“Arlene’s Heart” is a metaphor of hope written as a fable, where childlike fantasy contrasts with the feelings of isolation and loneliness that pervade present day reality…


Victoria Frances comes back with the definitive version of Arlene’s Heart! The young Valencian artist now offers us the full story of Arlene, a young beggar who must cross a world crowded with dreams and fantasies in order to recover her heart, which has been snatched from her. Victoria Frances comes back with the moving story that she presented at the last edition of the International Comic Fair of Barcelona. A work that tells about a voyage of discovery, burdened by the cruelty of everyday life and the pain of feeling different.