Favole 2. Libera me

Victoria Francés
Norma Editorial
Format: Hardback
Size: 26 x 20
Pages: 64
Color: Color
ISBN: 978-84-679- 1058-2


“Her name is Favole and she has been living in solitude for eternities, she sleeps under the waters of dark canals and dreams with the thick mist that floods the surface of tender and melancholic Venice.”

The until recently little-known Victoria Frances surprised everyone with the release of Favole 1, Stone Tears, her first work. Through an illustrated tale, she immerses us in a gothic and sinister atmosphere, with doses of romanticism that are hard to match. After the good taste in our mouths left by this work, here comes Favole 2, Set Me Free. Once more, lovely illustrations will blend to perfection with the beauty of the most poetic prose to move the most sensitive souls. Walking among vampires, witches and wraiths, Favole will lead us through dark and oneiric passages to continue with the search of her beloved Ezequiel.

Victoria Frances has become the breakout author. She has defined a style that has totally hooked the readers and already has faithful fans that were eagerly waiting for this second volume, which has established her as an artist.