Favole 3. Frozen Light

Victoria Francés
Norma Editorial
Format: Hardback
Size: 26 x 20
Pages: 64
Color: Color
ISBN: 978-84-679- 1058-2


“In the abandonment of the swamps we can hear again the poetry of wraiths…

The wind tells us that the ladies of pale faces keep smiling to eternity and dream with the hope of finding a hint of light in their endless nights. At the end of autumn, Favole will follow a path of violets through a frozen paradise and will let the ivy in her grave climb up impossible walls, hoping to cover the yearned castle of the country of vampires.

The Frozen Light is near…”


This third and last volume of the Favole series, which bears the title of Frozen Light, delights us with new illustrations that end the disturbing story of the girl who is looking for her lover Ezequiel. A walk among vampires, witches and wraiths that will get us closer to the darkness of woods and the shadows of castles, through a fantastic tale accompanied by images which are full of melancholy and romanticism.