Misty Circus 2

The Night of the Witches.

Victoria Francés
NORMA Editorial
Format: Hardback with padded covers
Size: 18 x 23
Pages: 32
Color: Color
ISBN: 978-84-679- 0188-7


After finding out about the past of our endearing hero, and once he has joined Misty Circus with his little and hairy friend Josh, Sasha receives a present from Ludovico Dragomir, the great master of ceremonies of the circus: a magic scepter that can take them to a different place and time, and let them travel to other worlds. In their first journey they will go to the world of witches, looking for a new partner, Chloë Pumpkin, a blind and lonely little witch. What will such a risky journey have in store for them? The outcome of this adventure is in the pages of this fantastic book.