I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received at this last edition of Lucca Comics & Games 2017!

Firstly, I express my regrets that I have not been able to make more drawings for all of you who came to my signing sessions… Over the last months, I’ve had many cervical problems, and at the second session of Friday afternoon, I had a painful contracture that gave me a very unpleasant dizziness. In these circumstances, it was impossible for me to continue making personal drawings for all of you. Thanks again for your understanding and support.

I would like to thank all those who have come to my signing sessions: Alessio Piovesan, Amina Ahmed, Anna Cirillo, Aradia Bell, Asia Loscalzo Lunghi, Danila (grazie mille per la tua bella lettera!), Dave, Fabiana Mele (grazie ancora per farmi vedere la tua collezione, sei splendida!), Fabiana Morrigan, Federica Suzuky Serra, Francesca Nencioni, Gianluca Betti, Giorgia Hanemūn, Giulia Pochetti, Itswel, Ivana Mette, Jee Addams, Josephine Sequino Guinto, Julie Doublecoconut, Laura, Luca Giovannini (un vampiro autentico venuto dal secolo XIX!), Lucretia Aliciana, Martina Stellinanera (amo il tuo disegno, grazie mille!), Massimo D’Ambrosi, Matteo Bertozzi, Maggie Misfortune, Miriam Esteban Rossi, Nyn Brighid, Rilya, Valentina Pierantoni e Valentina Marchetto… I’m so sorry for all the people I haven’t mentioned, it’s so hard to remember all the names!

Special thanks to Constanza and Ignacio for your valuable company during the event… all my love and frienship to you forever! And also to my lovely friend and great artist Claudia Lanniciello, it was wonderful to meet you at last in person after such a long time!

Thank you so much also to all the staff of the event, to the Rizzoli Lizard team and to all the people and artists that I’ve met in Lucca: Simone, Donatella, Elisa, Alberto, Mauro, Dario, Nicola, Pasquale, Roberto, Paolo Barbieri, Piero Celli, Ubaldo, Jesús and Miriam of Tangohotel… I hope to not forget anyone!

Thanks again to everybody and again, my most sincere apologies for the problem mentioned that has prevented me to give everything of myself as you deserve… I hope to participate once again in this wonderful event and meet together again with all of you in such a beautiful city like Lucca.

Much love,

Victoria Francés