Thanks to everybody at the recent 35 Barcelona International Comic Fair!!!

I would particularly like to thank everyone for the support that you’ve shown me at this recent 35 Barcelona International Comic Fair!

Thanks a lot to all those who have been waiting so many hours on my signing sessions… I will never be able to repay you for the kindness and the patience you’ve shown me there.

Thanks to Lara Herrera, Sandra Nistal, Anita Pichler, Sara Sánchez, Iris Llombart Gual, María G. del Val & Andrea, Lau Miau, Lenna Freyja Pérez (I love your cosplays!), Neko Shiroi (and your cute dragon, of course! ^^), Joan, María Pérez Nieto, Óscar González, Daniel Calvín… I’m so sorry for all the people I haven’t mentioned because of my poor memory to remember all the names!

Special thanks to my lovely friend María Sanz León, Martín and MariJose for your wonderful company during the event (I love you!), to David Moreno and my dear Bibi Romero, a very good friends I hadn’t seen since we were children… and of course, to my lovely Embrujo & company! All my love and frienship to you, Jordi Arias and Javi!

Thank you so much also to the whole Norma Editorial team and to all the artists who I met on the stand during the signing sessions: Óscar Valiente, Rafa Martinez, Flor Castellanos, Josefina Blaya & Sonia, Anna, Vicente Campos, Martín Saurí (congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Award!!!), Mateo Guerrero, Miguelanxo Prado, Belén Ortega, Kim, Joan Pieras… I hope I don’t forget anybody! I take the opportunity to recommend the amazing art of Belén Ortega, a lovely colleague that I’ve been wanted to meet her (specially after that magazine article that you know!)

And finally, a very special thanks to all the professionals and artists that in some way have been part of my new book MATER LUNA. Thank you very much in particular to the whole C/P Fairyland team to give life to Lunnula and Sionna… our collaboration is being one of the most beautiful experience of my life! Thank you also to Oliver s.Tyr, Steve Sic, Pia Kokholm, Joan Moreno, Fernando Palacios León and Berna Martínez-Forega for your great contribution to the book!

Further pictures of the event very soon… Thanks again to everybody!!!

Much love!,

Victoria Francés