“The queenliest dead that ever died so young…”

With so many candy and grotesque costumes to celebrate the Halloween night, we sometimes forget the true meaning of this party: All Hallows’ Eve, or Samhain… when the barrier between the land of the living and the realm of the dead, fades gradually away until the two worlds almost become part of a same dimension.

With this classic Victorian portrait, sober and without artifices, I show you my personal interpretation of that spectral lady that Edgar Allan Poe immortalized in his most moving writings: Lenore… or even Ligeia, Annabel Lee or the eternal and beautiful lady of “The Oval Portrait”. A same obsession under different names; true odes to the loss of a loved one.

Then let us chase away the grim raven of yore that so afflicted the Poe’s heart, because those who once have gone before us, maybe come back to our side for one night.

Be welcome.

*Model: Agnès von Hohenstaufen